Maxime Preaux

games && frontend developer

Hi! I am a creative problem-solver with years of experience building interactions with wonderful teams.

Rapid Iteration

When hit with an idea, there's nothing like recklessly building it as fast as possible. It enables rapid communication and quickly reveals the problems our team could run into.

Small Websites

I work on applications that serve millions of users, so I enjoy taking a break to develop ideas on a smaller scale.

Fishbowl Games

Fishbowl Games is a very tiny studio that produces apps and games with a lot of style.

Mutant Gangland

Redesigned the site and added some sweet pixels by Thomas Noppers.


Work-in-progress website for Thomas and Laurent's city-crushing game.

Six Cards Shootout

Ever wished you could shoot your friends in the face for fun? This sweet-looking card game is definitely up your alley.

Game jams are my.. uh.. jam?

I taught myself AS3 back in college, and I've enjoyed participating in solo and team jams ever since.

Island Hopper

My first 3D jam game!

Features some twin-stick top-dow madness, best with a controller.

Bizarre Harvest

Blend of strategy, farming, management, and survival.

This game had sprouted in my mind in anticipation of Noio's Kingdom.

Candy Catch

Art by the awesome Amy Saunders.

Throwback to Game & Watch, with a little more color.

Subject 18120

Collaboration with Anthony Coffey.

This one is an actual game because it has many guns.

Interested in working together? I'm currently very happy working at Yvolver, but I'm always looking for side projects and non-profit collaborations.

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