Maxime Preaux

Frontend Developer

Hi! I am a creative problem-solver with a passion for building interactive and inclusive experiences with wonderful teams.


Full Beaker Since 2018

Senior Frontend Developer

Opera / AdColony 2016 - 2018

Software Engineer II

Alkami Technology 2015 - 2016

Frontend Developer

Istation 2012 - 2015

Lead Programmer

Skills & Focus

  • UI Development
  • Prototyping
  • Dashboards
  • Design Patterns
  • Component Systems


  • React
  • Typescript, JSX
  • Redux
  • Webpack, Gulp

Random Facts

  • I'm terrible at coming up with random facts.

Sometimes, I write things on the internet:

Dashboards are neat

Building dashboards and large single-page apps for medium-to-large businesses doesn’t just require a talented team of engineers, it requires also a vision.

I’ve had the chance to create style guides, publish component libraries, document best practices, and come up with usability guidelines that have enabled companies to deliver mission-crititcal data to millions of consumers.

Random things

I prototype on Codepen and Glitch all the time. Here's a sample 🙂

I’m happily employed, but I’m always looking for side projects and non-profit collaborations.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat! I also like coffee, in case you live around the Bellevue area.

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